Considering Selling Your Junk Car? Do the Following Things First

If your car has become too expensive to maintain or requires too many repairs, it may be time to do away with it. Instead of keeping it in the yard or garage where it will accumulate dust, rust, or even harbor pests and rodents, why not sell it? Some companies buy junk cars for cash, and you can make extra cash from it. However, before you sell the car, here are crucial things you must do first.

1. Find a Reliable Junk Car Buyer

The first and most crucial step when selling your junk car is finding a reliable junk removal company. You will come across several, both local and online. Make sure they are licensed and have insurance before calling them. It is easy to find the best company for scrap car removal North York as long as you know where to look. They will ask about the car’s condition and give you a quote. So, go with the most favorable. Go for a company that pays in cash, provides free removal, and does not have additional charges.

2. Ask for a Quote

Regardless of how many people want to buy your car, always get a quote. The buyer will ask about its condition, age, model, and other things to know how much it will buy. Be familiar with your car and get the best quote worth your car.

3. Remove the License Plate

Remove the license plate number before selling. Why do you think it is necessary? Removing the plate will save you from a lot of headaches. When canceling the title, you might be asked by the local DMV to bring the plate. The scrap car removal company may also ask you to remove the license plate. So whether you need it for DMV or not, removing the plate is necessary.

4. Don’t Leave Valuables

Before explaining the car’s condition, remove all the valuables that can help you make extra money. For instance, you can remove the expensive tires and sell them yourself. You should remove the stereo, GPS, batteries, alternators, etc. Additionally, don’t leave your personal items behind. Things like mats, back seats, or floorboards can also help you make extra money. So, remove them before selling the car.

5. Remove the Gas

Use or remove the gasoline in the car before you hand it over. Drain the fluids safely if the car is not operational. Safety is crucial when removing the gas since manual siphoning can come with various hazards. Therefore, if you cannot find another way of removing it, ask the professionals to help you.

6. Keep Documents in Order

Another essential thing you should do is to cancel the insurance policy. Tell your agent that you are selling your junk car so they will not bill you. Transfer the car’s title to the scrap car removal company to indicate that you no longer own the car. Provide them with additional information like the manufacturing year, damages, and whether the car is still operational.


You should do many things before selling your car to a scrap car removal company. However, these are the main ones. The most vital thing is finding a removal company you can trust and ask for a quote, removing everything valuable that you can sell individually, and getting the paperwork ready.

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