How to solve the problems of drainage, sewage, and electricity in offshore container buildings?

Scope of application

Integrated Container integrated sewage processor constructed by the offshore container is suitable for domestic sewage processing in the countryside, substations, wind power stations, coal mines, highway service areas, toll stations, gas stations, factories, etc., as well as sewage system in township health centers, small and medium-sized hospitals after they’ve reached the standards of reclaimed water reuse or comprehensive discharge standard of sewage.

Advantages of equipment

  1. An integrated container sewage processing device was launched solely according to market demand.
  2. With the aesthetic appearance and excellent quality, it has won the praise of the majority of users.
  3. The appearance is highly aesthetic and can be perfectly integrated with the environment.
  4. It can be placed in the urban area, next to the landscape. It does not affect the overall environmental or architectural layout.
  5. It is suitable for model projects and some environmental treatment projects in the south.
  6. Fully automatic control, no need for professional management.
  7. The equipment can be arranged according to the standard or specially arranged according to the needs of the terrain.
  8. Simple operation, convenient maintenance, new technology, good effect and long service life.

Sewage enters the biological pond after passing through the basic sedimentation tank or grille of the integrated container sewage processing equipment, and an adjustable aerobic or anaerobic environment is established for the growth of microorganisms. The carrier filler forms a fluidized bed in the aeration and de-vortex flow, and is well dispersed and suspended under the stable action of the non-aerated de-anaerobic/aerobic fluidized bed. The shear force in the vortex ensures the high activity of the biofilm. Therefore, the stable maintenance system carrier can meet the process requirements without hindrance. In the second sedimentation tank, the activated sludge is separated from the clean water, a part of the sludge is returned to the biological tank as the return sludge, and the other part of the excess sludge enters the sludge tank. The clean water is discharged and discharged, so as to achieve the purpose of wastewater purification.

The biological treatment technology achieves the effect of large-scale sewage equipment, including BOD, COD and N, P can be removed by this biological method. The special-shaped biological carrier has a large specific surface area, and the surface performance is suitable for the growth of microorganisms, which provides a basis for the growth of a large number of microorganisms. The high-efficiency aeration system provides oxygen to the microorganisms and turbulence drives the movement of the carrier, so that the biofilm has greater activity and higher efficiency.

The process flow

Introduction Biological treatment technology and equipment technology have greater adaptability to changes in water volume, so the device has high stability. The shear force generated by aeration makes the biofilm very thin, creates physiological conditions for microorganisms, and prevents sludge deposition on the surface of the carrier. The containerized integrated sewage processing equipment is a new type of sewage treatment equipment. It adopts the current international advanced intelligent membrane bioreactor (MBR) technology to combine membrane separation technology and biological treatment technology. , The intelligent control technology is organically combined, and the whole set of equipment is optimized and integrated and arranged in the container body. It has the characteristics of fast installation, convenient movement, good treatment effect, small footprint, simple operation and maintenance, etc.

  1. Regulating tank (customer self-built): collect and store sewage, adjust water volume and water quality.
  2. Lifting pump: A lifting pump is installed in the regulating tank to automatically lift the sewage to the integrated sewage treatment equipment.
  3. Grid: sewage often contains a lot of debris. In order to ensure the normal operation of the system, all kinds of fibers, slag, waste paper and other debris must be blocked out of the system. Therefore, a grid is set in front of the system and regularly The grid slag is cleaned up.
  4. Anorexictank: Its function is to decompose large-molecule substances into small-molecule easily decomposable substances, and increase the B/C ratio of wastewater. In addition, denitrification can be achieved through denitrification. This section is determined according to the raw water quality and discharge standards.
  5. MBR reaction tank: the unique structure of the immersed flat membrane bioreactor (MBR) component is set in the aeration tank, and the water after aerobic aeration and biological treatment is filtered by a filter membrane (pore size 0.1um) After the pump is drawn out, it can be directly discharged or reused. Since its effluent is not affected by sludge sedimentation conditions, it can keep the tank running under high volume load and long sludge age, which greatly improves the process conditions of biological oxidation, improves the efficiency of organic matter degradation, and eliminates secondary sedimentation. The pool achieves the effect of excellent and stable water output.
  6. Disinfection: According to the requirements of the effluent, the system is designed with a disinfection device.
  7. Supporting electromechanical equipment room: suction pump, fan, electric control cabinet, etc. are installed in the equipment room. The whole system runs automatically under PLC control and protects the equipment. All power equipment is used for equipment, and the fault is automatically switched to maintain the normal operation of the equipment.

The operation of the equipment can be set to be semi-automated or fully automated, without cultivating microorganisms, realizing immediate and ready-to-use. All the devices can be designed as a high-efficiency nitrogen and phosphorus removal process; there is no need to increase the process cost, and it can effectively remove BOD and COD while removing nitrogen and phosphorus. At the same time, the use of patented fillers can realize the flow and suspension of the fillers in the entire biological pool and increase the purification efficiency. The entire pre-processing time is greatly shortened, reducing the total area. Such is the simple operation and good process stability.

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